Portraiture and Fashion


The Clown Project // 2021

Models:  Stefanie Smylie @heyitsstevie_

                Nicole Elliot @c0li0

Camping // 2020

Model:  Stefanie Smylie @heyitsstevie_


mixed portraits // 2012-2021

Official Music Video -

1000JOULES - Love is not// 2020

Models:  Stefanie Smylie @heyitsstevie_

              Juliette Brown @1000Joules 

Produced by @civilcrw

Directed by @JoanaDahlhoff

Director of Photography @Mark_Pragai

Art Direction  @c0li0 @heyitsstevie_  @thelyonrepublic

See the Video 

Pete // 2017-2019

Model:  Pete @hey_pete

Porcelain // 2021

Model: Stevie @heyitsstevie_

Looking closely into your face